CAN’s Environmental Justice and Nuclear Waste Tour „The Road from New England to Texas and New Mexico“ has Commenced!

Our High Level Nuclear Waste Tour officially started today leaving Rowe, Massachusetts en route to Montpelier, Vermont with the Mock Nuclear Waste Cask in tow. The tour includes several stops in Massachusetts and Vermont with speakers from local communities and guests from Germany and New Mexico. Kerstin Rudek will share insights from their nuclear waste dump site Gorleben and Leona Morgan will speak about the resistance against the proposed interim storage sites in the Southwest and national transport.

We started the day with a radio interview on The Dave Gram Show on WDEV. The episode should be available online soon at the following link (we were featured during the second hour). For today’s episode, scroll down to link for September 18, 2018:

Wave to us if you see us on the road!
Leona Morgan

Kerstin Rudek

Kerstin war viele Jahre Vorsitzende der BI und berichtet hier über ihre vorwiegend internationalen Aktivitäten.